Monday, May 21, 2007

Honda Pinetown Fun day at Cane Cutters

Sharks Forever ! This sharkified Citroen was an eyecatcher at the Ballito petrol station. But this area was teeming with Blues supporters - while at breakfast at Mugg&Bean, I couldn't spot a single Sharks jersey....

What a heartbreaker for the Sharks, but O, what a moment for Bryan Habana - he picked a brilliant time to shine...he's surely gonna be a Pretoria hero for years to come for that winning try!

I drove down to Cane Cutters on Saturday morning, with the Trailblazer alone on the trailer, despite having advertised trailer space a couple of days before. Neville has ridden here a couple of times, and I had seen the ride advertised on the Quad Torque forum; since the rest of the crew all had other non-quad-related committments, and I was suffering from withdrawal of not having ridden for 3 weeks, I decided to give it a go....

Honda Pinetown brought along a range of quads and tweelies to demo for the day, and there was loads of interest, though I think the sales guys could have done a better job at conversing with the potential customers.

It was a refreshing change to see Red (Hondas) instead of Yammie Blue....I met Sanjiv and his son & daughter, on TRXs : 400, 90, 250 respectively. The daughter (Kim?) rode very comfortably, and stayed right on my tail while I gunned the demo TRX 250 round the 12km course. Even pinning the throttle down the longest straights couldn't shake her!

Having a view of the sea while riding was quite special, and I had to stop and take just a few photos along the way.

Even though the ride is not too technical, and there is a distinct absence of water to cross, I can reccomend the trail as a good family/novice outing.

The event was well-organised and pretty well-supported with a turnout of about 40 bikes. Refreshments were for purchase at the Cane Cutters resort, where kids play facilities were also situated, to keep the sprogs entertained.
The resort had also set up to screen the rugby, and the family-run atmosphere increases the attraction of this spot for future trips. Apparently, the resort is the final stop on the Quad4Quads event and has been expanding it's facilities to keep pace with it's popularity.

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